Simon Harris


    The Health Minister says 200 GPs have signed up to provide abortion services.

    Simon Harris says he expects more providers to come on board next week, some current ones will expand their service.

    The Minister has also stated he will be working on providing safe access zones and access to contraception.

    He expects to have announcements on next steps for both very shortly.



  • The Health Minister says the passing of the abortion legislation is a "significant step" towards a "new era for Irish women".

    The legislation passed by 90 votes to 15 in the Dail last night with 12 abstentions - and now goes to the Seanad for final approval.

    The government's hopeful that can happen next week so termination services can begin in January.

    Medical guidelines for doctors are now being prepared - but Health Minister Simon Harris says it's important no woman is turned away by a GP.