Simon Commuity

  • No properties in Galway City were available to people on the Rent Supplement or Housing Assistance Payment earlier this year, according to a new report from the Simon Communities of Ireland.

    A snapshot survey was taken over three days in May, which showed that across the country, only 8% of properties were available to rent with no income limits.

    No properties were available on those dates in Galway City, Limerick or Portlaoise, while just one property was available in Sligo and Athlone within the rent supplement / HAP limits.

    The Simon Communities of Ireland say this is one of the main reasons that people and families are becoming homeless.

    The "Locked Out of the Market" study claims that increases in rent supplement and Housing Assistance Payment limits introduced two years ago are no longer effective, and says it's almost impossible for people to move from emergency accomodation and homeless services, because there's nowhere for them to go.


  • Not one single property in Galway City or Athlone is affordable to those in receipt of rent supplement or housing assistance payments.

    That’s according to new figures compiled by the Simon Community from figures supplied by property website

    The report looks at11 areas across the country, including Sligo town, Galway city and Athlone, and found there were no properties available within HAP limits in four of the 11 locations, with two other areas having just one available property.