Mental Health

  • Despite government promises to enhance mental health services, the reality is that there are less staff employed by the HSE in mental health services in Mayo at present than there was ten years ago.

    That was confirmed by HSE management in response to a question from Independent Castlebar councillor Michael Kilcoyne at this month’s HSE West Forum meeting.

    The councillor told Midwest News today that mental health remains “the poor relation” of the health services and he says changes are urgently required considering the increasing demand on the service.

  • We all have mental health and what we do to support or ignore it has a big impact on our minds. Our actions also help determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. To understand our mental health better and the actions we need to support it we all need to be talking about mental health in the same way as physical health, it’s just as important. These podcasts are a way of doing just that, they are aimed at making us think about out mental health, what we can do to support it and hopefully to initiate a conversation around it.

    Let Teresa Keane from Mental Health Ireland take you through everyday ways to improve your mental wellbeing.