Fr Brendan Hoban

  • There is a holy anger in the Catholic Church at present, according to Fr Brendan Hoban of The Association of Catholic Priests (ACP), and a broadcaster of Religious programmes here on Midwest Radio.

    The APC is concerned that, following the removal of photographs from a leaflet earlier this year, the organisers of the World Meeting of Families have now also removed the words of Bishop O’Connell (Archdiocese of Los Angeles) from their promotional video clip.

    The APC describes the efforts at explaining the changes as inadequate, saying that the words of the US Bishop were such that it impossible to understand how anyone who supports the message of Pope Francis could object to them.

    While there had been a commitment given when the World Meeting of Families was announced for Ireland this year, that the definition of family was to be very broad and inclusive and that is now being chipped away at, according to Fr Hoban.

    Speaking to Midwest News today he said they are now demanding clarification on why both the pictures and the Bishop's words have been deleted from the promotional material at this stage.

  • The Association of Catholic Priests will hold a public meeting in Tuam this Wednesday evening, ahead of the Pope's visit to Ireland next month.

    This is one of four regional meetings being held across the country ahead of the Papal visit, asking what do we need to say to Pope Francis about the Irish Church ?

    Wednesday's meeting takes place at the Árd Rí Hotel in Taum from 7 to 9.30 pm.

    Fr Brendan Hoban, who will speak at the meeting, says it's open to everybody to make a submission, and a summary of the meeting will be forwarded afterwards to Pope Francis via the Papal Nuncio to Ireland.

  • An ‘on the spot’ survey conducted by the Association of Catholic Priests in the run-up to the visit of Pope Francis, has revealed huge support for a radical reform of the Irish Catholic Church.

    The survey was conducted at four regional meetings held in July, on the ACP website in early August, in parishes and with a number of groups from different parts of Ireland representing priests and people with age-levels from teenagers to elderly.

    Participants were asked an open-ended question – What do you want to say to Pope Francis about the Irish Church?  - And could give single or multiple responses.

    In all, 1,396 participants contributed 2,288 submissions.

    2088 submissions or 78% of respondents, proposed a series of reforms under a number of headings, listed in order of priority.

    In first place was an equal role for women in the Church, in second priesthood and vocations, third – reforms in Church governance and worship, fourth – dealing with abuse and its fall-out, fifth – LGBT issues, sixth – young people, seventh –bishops and leadership.