Deputy Michael Fitzmaurice

  • Independent Roscommon-Galway TD Michael Fitzmaurice is calling on the Health Minister Simon Harris to vacate his ministerial position over the significant cost over-runs in the construction of the National Children's Hospital.

    Deputy Fitzmaurice said he's disappointed that the Government is now progressing with a hospital which is poorly accessible for the majority of the country, and insists a greenfield site was the way forward.

    In relation to the construction of the new hospital, he says it would have been simpler to get a design and build fixed-price contract.

    While calling for Minister Harris to step aside over the cost controversy, Deputy Fitzmaurice also said the protest which took place outside the Minister's family home at the weekend was unacceptable.

  • Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice is calling for the government to have a 'golden share' in the National Broadband Plan.

    The Roscommon-Galway TD wants a number of safeguards to ensure the project doesn't become another fiasco.

    He wants an oversight committee to be established in the Dáil, made up of mostly rural TDs.

    The state is investing € 3 million in the project, but won't own the broadband network when it's completed.

    Deputy Fitzmaurice wants to ensure taxpayers money isn't wasted.