councillor Kilcoyne

  • The running track that was promised as part of the new swimming pool development at Lough Lannagh in Castlebar must be delivered. That’s the view of Independent Castlebar councillor, the Cathaoirleach of Castlebar Municipal District, Michael Kilcoyne.

    Castlebar councillors recently had a tour of the new swimming pool which is due to open to the public in the next number of weeks.

    The Cathaoirleach has acknowledged that it is a state of the art facility, however, he told Midwest News today that running tracks were to be delivered adjacent to the swimming pool site, and the plan now appears to be shelved.

  •  There’s no money available to complete the running tracks and football fields that were announced  by government  six years ago, to be located adjacent to the new swimming pool in Castlebar.

    That was confirmed yesterday by the Manager of Castlebar Municipal District John McHale in response to a question from Independent councillor Michael Kilcoyne .

     Mr McHale told the councillor it would take 4 million euro to complete the development with the running tracks and football fields, and he said the money simply is not available to the local authority.

    He confirmed that the new multi euro million swimming pool for the county town is expected to be opened to the public sometime between June and August of this year.

    The date for opening was to be June.

    Councillor Kilcoyne told Midwest News editor Teresa O’Malley that it’s not good enough. Announcements, he says, were made with great fanfare by An Taoiseach in Castlebar 6 years ago, and now it appears there was not enough money allocated for the developments.

  • If residents of Aras Attracta in Swinford want to stay living in the facility than they should be allowed to do so, despite any policy of the HSE to move them out into the community.

    That’s the view of Castlebar Independent councillor Michael Kilcoyne.

    The councillor , who is a member of the HSE West forum raised the matter at a recent meeting of the forum, as he believes that some Aras Attracta residents and their families are adamant that they do not want to move out of the care home for people with mental disabilities, but are feeling, in some cases, that there is pressure being put on them to do so.

    There are 67 residents in Aras Attracta at present, and the HSE are at an advanced stage of relocating many of these people into community home settings.




    The state of the market square plaza in Castlebar town centre is "completely unacceptable", according to local Independent councillor Michael Kilcoyne.

    A million euro was spent by the now abolished Castlebar Urban council, backed by Mayo County Council, to install what was to be the centrepiece of the town centre development, about 18 years ago.

    The paving stones that cover the square are now literally separating and lifting and are considered a public safety hazard, with a section in the centre of the square cordoned off, for almost three months now.

    Councillor Kilcoyne raised his concerns again over the present situation at the monthly meeting of Castlebar Municipal District. He claims members of the public will inevitably trip, fall and hurt themselves on the paving stones not cordoned off.

    He told Midwest News today that he and other councillors are completely frustrated at the lack of action by council management in addressing the problem.

    "A million euro in 2000 was a lot of money, and it simply makes no sense," he says, "that the paving stones are now separating and lifting and are left in such a state for a prolonged period."

    Midwest News contacted Mayo County Council today for a response and an update on the timescale proposed to repair the plaza .

    There was no one available for interview, however, John McHale Head of Castlebar Municipal District, stated that weather conditions have not been suitable for the repair work but it will be repaired very shortly.