• A change in the contracts of HSE Carers will mean different carers calling every day to elderly clients.

    That's according to Castlebar-based Independent Councillor Michael Kilcoyne, who's concerned that there will be no consistency in the service, and that elderly people will be concerned about a number of different people calling to their homes to provide care.

    He's also concerned about security, as a number of carers may have keys to a client's home.

    Councillor Kilcoyne says he has been contacted by anxious families in relation to the change in carer's contracts, and will raise the matter at the next meeting of the HSE Regional Forum.

    Midwest News has also contacted the HSE for clarification in relation to this issue, and we're currently awaiting a response.

  • The extension of free GP care to all carers has been welcomed this evening by Mayo FG Senator Michelle Mulherin.

    New legislation has been passed by the Oireachtas, which means that 14,000 carers nationally will now receive a free GP Visit Card.

    Anyone receiving either full or half-rate Carers Allowance or Carers Benefit will be eligible for free GP visits.

    Senator Mulherin is hoping applications will open by September for those eligible, and says it's an important step in caring for carers...